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Tired of unexplained symptoms, like IBS, fatigue, PMS, or brain fog? Frustrated by treatments with side effects for problems like anxiety or depression?  Have you been told that nothing’s wrong because your labs are “normal”? At Catalyst Health, we understand, and we can help. Start your journey back to health today with our unique functional and lifestyle medicine program.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Health In The Next 10 Days?

Why Catalyst Health?

Because we have a totally different approach. We find the actual reasons you are suffering and we walk you through treatment. This is transformative healthcare. A “catalyst” makes a change easier, by lowering the amount of energy required for the change, and that’s exactly what we do for you. At Catalyst Health, we lower the hurdles getting in your way. Changing the way you eat and live can revolutionize your health, but change can be challenging, and it can be confusing knowing which changes will make a big difference. We take away the guesswork and give you the guidance and tools you need to succeed. You are not alone!

You know something is wrong

You’re tired of planning life around where you’ll find the next bathroom or when you’ll have energy again. Your anxiety keeps you living life on the sidelines. You have dreams you worry you’ll never fulfill. We’ve been there. We understand you want to be healthy so you can have energy to play with your kids again, be able to travel, have focus to excell at work, or avoid a serious diagnosis like diabetes or Alzheimers.

Unexplained symptoms are early warning signs

You need a care team that pays attention to these. So much serious chronic illness could be avoided by recognizing early signs and restoring health through nutrition, lifestyle and the right treatments. Our society’s culture, environment, food system and even our medical system can stand in the way of you achieving the vitality you deserve. We serve as your trusted guide to navigate through these challenges and feel better.

Functional Medicine: You were meant to be healthy

Your body wants to heal, but it may not have what it needs, or there may be roadblocks in the way. In the Functional Medicine approach, we identify and correct system imbalances, provide unique and effective treatments and support, allowing you to heal naturally.

Meet Our Team

An integral part of Catalyst Health’s approach is our collaborative relationship with you. We serve as your guide, helping you create health.

Celiac Disease and Fertility Problems

If you’ve been trying to have a baby, celiac disease and fertility problems may be standing in your way. It may be hard to believe but celiac disease, which causes an allergy to gluten, can actually lead to fertility problems in both men and women. The exact reasons...

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Foods That Can Help Boost Your Immune System

A number of foods have been found to benefit the immune system in a range of ways. One group of foods is thought to reduce inflammation in the body, leading to less wear and tear on all your bodily systems, including your immune system. Adding anti-inflammatory foods...

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How Probiotics Can Help Your Immune System

By now, almost everyone has heard of probiotics, the active cultures in a range of dairy products such as yogurt, some cheeses and kefir, and in fermented foods such as miso, kimchi and sauerkraut. Most of these are tasty additions to our diet that can also help...

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Myths and Facts About Boosting Your Immune System

There are a lot of theories on how to boost the immune system to ward off diseases, particularly in reference to cold and flu season, when people are most concerned with avoiding illness when everyone around them seems to be sick. But is there any truth in these...

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New Link Found Between the Brain and Your Immune System

A new study has just revealed a startling hidden connection between the brain and the immune system. Researchers always assumed that there was no lymph system in the brain. Now they have discovered lymphatic pathways hidden deep inside the brain that can help explain...

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Stress and Your Immune System

Stress is a normal part of modern daily life, but most people are not aware of the negative consequences of stress on their health--until it is too late. Some people are able to cope with stress better than others, while others take practical steps to reduce their...

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Are You Ready To Transform Your Health In The Next
10 Days?

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